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Asgard Mailbox
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[The advantage of having powers that allow you to grow things is that Souji can make these grow as much as he wills. A giant clay vase sits next to his door, filled with blooming flowers.

The Mailbox itself is made of bamboo (unlike the plastic one here). Someone who knows his past may notice he'd modeled it like a miniature version of the Dojima household.

The variety flowers seem to change every few days, sometimes covering the entire structure or just below it. It's definitely got a more country-like setup to it, but serves its purpose well.]

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Midnight Syndicate Mailbox
I will set this up with hugs and other permissions later. Placeholder for now.
"You've reached me, but I'm not here right now.
Leave me message and I'll get back to you."

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If you have any issues with how I play Yu Souji Charlie Tunoku, or suggestions that you feel could help me out, then by all means, please do so!

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Character: Yu Narukami
Age: 17
Canon: Persona 4: The Golden
Canon Point: Right after yelling at Yosuke to calm down when Yu refused to throw Namatame into the TV.

Background: Here!

Personality: He's a strange boy. Yu Narukami is one of the two leaders of the Investigation Team (as he considers Yosuke as worthy of the title), having all the qualities of a good protagonist. Usually silent and polite, Yu has a warm heart and he cares deeply for those close to him. Sometimes to a fault.

In a series heavily bent on rumors, masks and the layers of personalities worn each day, first impressions are not really kind to him, and Yu wears his facets just like members of his own team. The events at Inaba have worn away on it, but pieces of that old stoic personality still remain. Yosuke once comments that it looks almost like he's mocking someone from his quiet demeanor, but it's more of a front; when you think he's not thinking, it turns out the gears in his mind just keep clanking.

Through helping others, Yu began to understand the world around him. In many ways, Yu is a representation of all those he met before. In Dojima and Nanako, Yu found an extended family, considering Nanako more like a sister than his cousin. Having no siblings of his own and being far away from his parents, Yu thinks them as import as his own father and mother, near and dear to his heart. The extent those bonds have on his soul and well-being are immeasurable. Because of this, connections have become extremely important to him (SOCIAL LINKS SOCIAL LINKS SOCIAL LINKS BONDS BONDS BONDS), and understanding how attached to those bonds and how much he cherishes them brings a clearer picture of his actions.

He'll joke at his friends' expenses, but don't do the same because if you hurt them, he'll hurt you back. There's a darkness to him in that manner; he's EXTREMELY protective of them. There is no doubt that Yu would sacrifice his life over and over (and over and over) to endure countless pain if it meant one of his friends wouldn't have to. Sometimes this can be a dangerous thing, and a useful threat to get him to listen while it looms over his head.

Even if he's become more open to speaking to even strangers, most of the time you'll find that Yu listens more than he speaks. At first, it might be brushed off as part of his 'cool, silent guy' stereotype, but the truth is he actually has a multitude of theories and ideas running in his head, something that is even more apparent during Arena and Persona Q when we finally get to see his inner thoughts (Note: while I mention Arena and Persona Q, this is merely for personality purposes, Yu is taken before this time). It's not that his perfectly blank expression is meant to be insulting; rather it is just a habit he never really shook off. He doesn't even always realize he's doing it. Yet somewhat ironically, the fact that he is quiet helps for others open up to him. They tell him their woes and he'll continue to nod, smile quietly and let them empty out their hearts...then do his best to help them out.

When he finally does speak, it's...well, honestly Yu can be sarcastic and has a sometimes downright bizarre ("ME EAT YOU WHOLE") sense of humor which does throw people off during first meetings (this is a guy when told that he might get rain on him from holding the umbrella a certain way, will reply "I'm sexier when soaked").

When it comes to important and pressing matters, his investigative mind can be as keen as his detective friend Naoto. While most of his team were confused during the Arena tournament, he quickly deduced that the Teddie and Rise he saw couldn't be the real ones, and that the friends he were fighting were not quite themselves, for example. He knows much more about his friends' personalities than they know about him. Additionally, he's wise beyond his years, and quick with comebacks. Yu will be threatening when he wants to be, willing to risk his own life to save one of his friends. But, once again, he may not always say what you think he'll say, and after a serious discussion, he might crack a joke to aid the mood. In a way, it's how he copes.

If there's another strong quality about him, it is that Yu is brave. He has an iron will and is not afraid of a challenge, attacking shadows, or putting his own popularity at risk. This isn't to say he's confident to the point of having an inflated ego, but rather a desire to aid others to be successful too. When there's a group cafe, he'll sit on the girl's side because they are missing someone, when the Pageant happens, he doesn't mind putting on a good show decked in a girl's makeups and outfit (let's do our best!), then admitting on stage he did it because a he was asked to (although he might secretly think he has a natural talent for it...). Once a challenge is presented to him, it's hard for Yu to back down. Partly because he doesn't seem to care much for social stigmas, especially those present in Japan, partly because...well, he'll do it because he can. As Yu has traveled to many places and never really stayed somewhere for long, he doesn't mind what the public thinks of him as much as how his friends do.

The Investigation Team literally mean the world to him. Without his friends, he admits, he'd question his resolution. They are literally what makes him move forward. Despite his shortcomings, attacks at his own personal insecurities and expense tend to fall on deaf ears. You want to anger him? The quicker solution is to insult or harm his friends instead.

He comes from a time when those bonds are not completely finished; they are woefully incomplete, but on their way to being solidified. The eyes of truth have been open, and Yu's future is a lot stranger than he might first thing.

With Yosuke, Yu's strongest friendship is forged. As much as he loves his entire team, there is no doubt that Yosuke is his best friend. They have an extremely strong understand of each other, despite the fact that they butt heads when it comes to insults and being caught in situations. Yu values Yosuke's opinion and they have a synergy between themselves that Yu doesn't quite have with anyone else. It is partly for this reason that Yu is taken from a time when both at are a major disagreement, and one of the times where Yu yells at him.

With Chie, he admires her strength and resolution. Yu understands when she needs to do her thing and lets her take over when she challenges the bullies. He encourages her desire to protect others.

With Yukiko, Yu learns the value of family and how you can be self-sufficient while being part of a greater group. He admires her for her will and the tenacity. He does not admire her for her cooking.

With Kanji, Yu appreciates his sewing and craft skills, and does not judge him on his choices. Yu helps Kanji through the hardships he had with his family, especially the ones regarding what Kanji's father said to him. He strongly believes that Kanji is actually quite bright, but keeps putting barriers against himself because of what society expects of him and what he feels he should be doing. And it's a shame really, because seeing him sew and calculate things, Yu knows he could do better in school.

With Rise, Yu learned about overcoming what you may desire vs what society wants you to be. He doesn't put her on a pedestal because she's an idol, but treats her as someone equal to them. As a valued friend. To Rise, Yu offers a friendship without judgement, unmarred by stardom.

With Naoto, Yu sees a resolution to follow in the footsteps left by a family's legacy, and to overcome a burden that society attempts to impose on her. Naoto's courage after facing her shadow becomes something he admires greatly (actually if asked, he would mention that he admires everyone for doing so). To say that Yu trusts Naoto's intuition is a great understatement.

With Teddie, Yu learns to appreciate life in general and to see past what you are. Yu doesn't treat him differently because he's a shadow, he treats him as a friend no matter what he looks like. Teddie could have been the Loch Ness monster, and Yu would have still called him a friend.

In Marie, he learned the importance of all life, and was glad to help her regain her memories of who she was.

With Adachi...well Yu doesn't know his true story and that he is the person they are running away from, but he's struck a friendship with him. Finding out his real side will surprise...and disappoint him.

They are the force that drive him forward. His friends, his family, his connections in Inaba. They may form his Achilles heel on how to control him, but he knows none of them wouldn't go down fighting together. So...he's not afraid. Even when they disagree. Even when they aren't sure if the truth they are looking at is the right one.

But there is a reason that his title during the Arena tournament is "The Sister Complex Kingpin of Steel". To say that he's protective and close to Nanako is pretty much an understatement in itself. Yu risked life and limb to rescue her from the shadow world and Namatame. He isn't like a brother, he is an older brother with her. Currently he assumes she is dead. It is near downright miracle he was able to calm down and not just shove Namatame into a television. Yosuke is right that out of everyone he should be the most angry at it, but there's something missing that they aren't seen. But the pain he's feeling at her 'loss' right now is unmeasurable.

And what he may find out from others regarding their fate will surprise him. The stoic boy will probably let loose a torrent of rain once he finds out that Nanako is alive...

Abilities: As with other characters from the Persona universe and the series' namesake, Yu has the ability to summon parts of him made flesh to combat the hardships of life. But Yu's is a little more unique than that:

- Wild Card Persona Ability.
The Wild Card Ability represents the number zero. It is infinite possibilities and lets Yu use any Persona he can craft in the velvet room compared to his friends who are limited to just their own. If a Wild Card user meets another, it also grants the ability for non-wildcard users to be able to switch to an additional Persona as well (this was shown in Persona Q)

Personas grant him a number of skills in both magical and physical sense (although the Personas are doing the actions, not Yu himself). He can cast various fire, ice, lightning and wind spells with some, create barriers that protect against physical or magical attacks, heal wounds (although this skill is considerably weaker when used on non persona users), charm monsters, or even cause mini-nuclear blowouts with his more powerful ones. It's a varied set and a lot of the skills can be found in this list although this should be just a general guide, since the skill list does not mention which Personas cast what, and also includes passive (skills that allow them to resist attacks from a certain type) and support skills (which only Rise can use).

Using a persona is a great strain on the body. Abilities require a certain amount of energy, therefore using the much more powerful skills and Personas in his arsenal will require a longer time of recovery and leave him weak after casting.

> The list of all personas available are listed here. Anything that isn't in the Fool that is listed with a star next to it is a Persona that only his friends can wield, and not himself. All other personas that fall under lvl 60 (due to where he is taken from in canon) The rest are all his. He also has Izanagi as his trademark persona.

- He is above average build and strength, and has the knowledge to be able to wield a katana sword and other similar models. Also golf clubs.

- He thinks he has a talent for crossdressing. (said talent may be up for debate)

- He can be a friend to all the animals (especially cats) like no one's business.

Alignment: In his current state: Peromei. There was/is anger in him for what happened to Nanako and a need to find out what's going on, he remained calm enough to realize there was something wrong about Namatame, and that they'd need to think things through.

Other: I wasn't sure if the 5 limit means "can only bring five" or "can only use five at a time". If it is only a limit of 5 personas and removing his ability to change them, please tell me, and I pick out four apart from Izanagi!


With Yosuke in Asgard (Known as Souji Seta there)
Being friends with the Aspect of Death aka we friendship anything.
Cats aka the best thread ever.

He couldn't say he was thrilled at being here, but there had to be a reason for the sudden change in scenery. They didn't seem to know how he had gotten here, but it wasn't the TV world, that was certain. The technology was strange, yet oddly beautiful; and Yu almost felt like he had landed inside of a magical manga of some sort.

He wanted to appreciate this, but it was hard, almost impossible. A piece of him was missing, and a deep pain in his heart threatened to undo everything. He took a long breath, and another, and another until he wasn't sure how many he had taken. And despite the calm exterior he displayed as he walked the streets, his emotions, the ones fluttering inside, ultimately betrayed him.

The wind picked up, the threatening clouds of a storm that mimicked the sadness he felt thinking about his younger cousin and her fate...he didn't even realize what was happening, lost in his thoughts. Yu hadn't had time to grieve properly, the adrenaline of that night still running in his veins. There was still rage, fear, anger...but mostly sadness. A loud boom of thunder woke him from his thoughts and he looked around, realizing that rain had started to pour down, as he scrambled into an alley to find shelter. He stopped to stand under a door, before he slowly slid downwards, finally sitting down. Shoes in the puddles of water, he didn't caring all that much. His entire body became drenched quickly, and without anyone else to see him, he finally gave in.

Despite his entire body being a sloppy, wet, mess, it was to his eyes that he brought his sleeve, in a feeble attempt to remove the water that was there. And then, in this strange land, he took the time to properly grieve.

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